About us

C&D Pest Control offer domestic and commercial pest solutions, helping your home and business to stay pest free. We offer protection from pests on an individual infestation basis, and a comprehensive cover service, meaning we will always be there to solve any future pest problems.

By employing C&D Pest Control, you will be assured of a professional level of service as well as advice and cover for preventative methods in the future. By choosing our pest solutions, you are ensuring your home and business are protected from insects, birds and wildlife.

We offer environmentally friendly pest solutions, avoiding poisons in favour of traps, to avoid harming Britain's beautiful and unique flora.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a full firearms licence and offer a shooting service. This is more environmentally friendly and efficient than poisoning, and covers a range of outdoor pests. We work to the highest possible safety standards and we will always have two operatives on any shooting or culling job.

We are BPCA accredited, a member of the RSPH (Royal Society for the Protection of Health) and have a full firearms licence.