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Commercial and Domestic Disinfectant Cleaning near Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire

Disinfectant Cleaning

When you need disinfectant cleaning in Gloucestershire or Monmouthshire, C&D Pest Control is your first choice for a fast, efficient, and highly professional service at a competitive price.

Electrostatic disinfection services

We deliver professional electrostatic disinfection for effective and fast results. This type of professional cleaning charges the liquid droplets with a low electric charge during the spraying process. This causes the surface area and disinfection droplets to naturally meet, making the process ideal for high-risk areas and high-touch surfaces and providing a superior disinfection result.

If you have a business where customers and employees regularly touch a certain area, or where an area is largely inaccessible for regular cleaning, our professional electrostatic disinfection services provide superior and trusted results.

Studies demonstrate that this type of disinfection delivers more effective, faster disinfection when compared to conventional cleaning approaches such as standard fogging and spray and wipe methods. So if you want superior results and excellent hygiene, our professionals are here to help.

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    Where should disinfection be used?

    Our team delivers disinfection services for all medium-sized spaces, such as bathrooms, classrooms, seating areas in bars and restaurants, offices, and so forth. When electrostatic disinfection is used instances of microbial transfer are greatly reduced as high touchpoints are made sterile.

    The C&D difference

    We offer all kinds of professional pest control and disinfection services to homes and businesses alike. Our highly trained team will assess your needs and offer the best possible solutions, using environmentally friendly services and processes wherever possible. Some of the reasons to use our service include:

    1. Speed – We can deliver callouts to your home and business rapidly

    2. Quality solutions – From the latest cleaning processes and technologies to environmental pest control, we use the best quality solutions to keep your home or business clean, safe, and hygienic. We are also accredited and a member of the BPCA.

    3. Cost-effective – Our services are designed to be affordable and cost-effective, and we always offer transparent pricing.

    4. Service-led – We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and on the high degree of referral business we enjoy as a result.

    Get in touch

    Our team is on hand to discuss your needs and book your appointment. Please contact us today for a rapid response.

    Disinfectant Cleaning

    What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

    Electrostatic Disinfection is a fast and effective disinfection service.

    Electrostatic Disinfection is an innovative application methods which adds an electric charge to the liquid droplets when they are sprayed, causing the disinfectant droplets and the surface area to be drawn together. This means that Electrostatic Disinfection is an ideal application method to treat high-touch surfaces and high risk areas that your employees, customers and visitors regularly come into contact with as well as hard-to-reach and inaccessible areas.

    Studies show that the electrostatic technology results in faster and more effective disinfection,, compared to conventional cleaning applications such as Spray-and-Wipe methods and standard disinfectant foggers.

    Where do we use Electrostatic Disinfection?

    Electrostatic Disinfecting can be used for disinfection of many medium sized spaces. These include environments with multiple chairs, tables or desks such as offices, classrooms, seating areas in restaurants and bars, as well as washrooms.

    Our Electrostatic Disinfection service helps to reduce the risk of microbial transfer by effectively disinfecting high touchpoints and the areas that they are in.

    Our Electrostatic Disinfection is ideal for the treatment of:

    • Classrooms

    • Offices

    • Seating areas in restaurants and bars

    • Washrooms


    • Top marks, came quickly, sorted out wasp problem without a fuss. Friendly and helpful.

      Laurence Brackpool Avatar Laurence Brackpool
      7th September 2020
    • Leigh turned up straightaway and eliminated these nasties without fuss or drama. Can Highly recommend. 2 nests in 2 weeks, same great service both visits.

      Robert Miller Avatar Robert Miller
      24th August 2020
    • Lee was very reassuring and explained everything very well.

      Andrea Avatar Andrea
      7th January 2021
    • C and D pest control were very efficient and helpful in resolving an issue at the house. Professional and punctual. Thank you, Will use again if needed

      tim pyle Avatar tim pyle
      25th May 2021
    • Fantastic customer service, fantastic value with a prompt and reliable response. Many thanks Leigh and his team

      Stuart Mitchell Avatar Stuart Mitchell
      11th August 2020
    • We would like to highly recommend the service from C and D Pest control . We find they offer fantastic communication ahead of a visit . They are highly knowledgeable about various areas of pest control, with good ongoing maintain excellent.

      10th August 2020
    • Very highly recommend this service , extremely prompt and helpful will be using again if needed Thanks

      Lucy Mckerrow Avatar Lucy Mckerrow
      18th August 2020
    • Called leigh when we realised we had rodents and come out that very same day. He was very friendly, professionally and reasonably priced. He gave us great advice on how to help in the future and made it an easy experience. Would totally recommend c&d pest control to anyone who has any pest problem.

      Daniel Morgan Avatar Daniel Morgan
      17th January 2021

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    C&D Pest Control offer comprehensive pest prevention services for your home and for your business. As well as traditional pest control methods, our full firearms licence means we can offer a shooting service to deal with wildlife problems. We also ensure that our pest control solutions are as environmentally friendly as possible.

    Vermin can damage your home and ruin your business. By tackling the problem quickly with our excellent and proven range of services, C&D Pest Control can minimise this damage, leaving your home or business clean and free of infestation.

    We offer a cover and retainer service, so you can always feel secure that for any future pest control needs, C&D Pest Control will be there to help you.

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