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Shooting Pest Control near Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire

Shooting Pest Control Service

long with our standard pest control services, C&D Pest Control also offers quick response shooting pest control services across Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. This service is useful for eliminating pests that are difficult to remove using conventional pest control methods.

All our shooting pest control technicians carry full firearms licenses and are trained to the highest standards. They are also equipped with a range of equipment including shotguns, air pistols, night vision cameras, laser sights, and tripods. This allows us to remove pests humanely and safely in a wide range of conditions.

The use of firearms to control birds is strictly controlled by the RSPB. The removal of some species, including feral pigeons, rooks, crows, jackdaws, jays, magpies, Canada geese and wood pigeons is allowed under license from DEFRA.

Our pest control technicians can help you collect the evidence required to successfully obtain a license. Once a license is obtained, we can then put together a controlled culling plan for the safe and humane removal of birds.

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    Controlled shooting

    Controlled shooting can be used to remove several types of pests in both rural and urban locations. We offer specialist shooting pest control services for the following animals:

    -Feral pigeons








    -Avian (bird) removal

    Site safety

    Protection of members of the public is paramount during any controlled shooting operation. At C&D Pest Control, our shooting pest control technicians will carry out a comprehensive Health and Safety Assessment before the culling exercise can begin.

    During the culling operation itself, we use a minimum of two operatives to ensure safety. One operative is employed for the culling while the other monitors the area for potential risks and hazards.

    Controlled shooting services

    Our controlled shooting pest control service is available across Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. We can carry out controlled shooting in both urban and rural locations, including warehouses, office blocks, farms, open fields, forests and woodland.

    All C&D Pest Control technicians are trained to use the latest equipment. This ensures all pests are removed safely and quickly without any unnecessary suffering to the animals themselves.

    Our services are available on either a retainer or ad-hoc basis and we promise a quick response to all issues. In most cases, we should be able to carry out a full site assessment within a few days. So, if you have a pest problem, call C&D Pest Control today on 07562 242321 for a FREE quotation.


    The service we are able to offer covers:

    • Feral pigeons

    • Seagulls

    • Crows

    • Squirrels

    • Rabbits

    • Foxes

    • Deer

    • Any other pest that requires this method of control

    We use a variety of guns including air guns, shot guns (silenced or un-silenced), centre fire, and rimfire (silenced).

    All operatives are competent in the use of these fire arms and are fully licensed and insured.


    The health and safety of the public is of paramount importance and a risk assessment is always carried out prior to any treatment.

    A minimum of two operatives are required at all times for any shooting/culling operation.


    • Fantastic customer service, fantastic value with a prompt and reliable response. Many thanks Leigh and his team

      Stuart Mitchell Avatar Stuart Mitchell
      11th August 2020
    • Called leigh when we realised we had rodents and come out that very same day. He was very friendly, professionally and reasonably priced. He gave us great advice on how to help in the future and made it an easy experience. Would totally recommend c&d pest control to anyone who has any pest problem.

      Daniel Morgan Avatar Daniel Morgan
      17th January 2021
    • C and D pest control were very efficient and helpful in resolving an issue at the house. Professional and punctual. Thank you, Will use again if needed

      tim pyle Avatar tim pyle
      25th May 2021
    • Very highly recommend this service , extremely prompt and helpful will be using again if needed Thanks

      Lucy Mckerrow Avatar Lucy Mckerrow
      18th August 2020
    • Leigh turned up straightaway and eliminated these nasties without fuss or drama. Can Highly recommend. 2 nests in 2 weeks, same great service both visits.

      Robert Miller Avatar Robert Miller
      24th August 2020
    • Lee was very reassuring and explained everything very well.

      Andrea Avatar Andrea
      7th January 2021
    • We would like to highly recommend the service from C and D Pest control . We find they offer fantastic communication ahead of a visit . They are highly knowledgeable about various areas of pest control, with good ongoing maintain excellent.

      10th August 2020
    • Top marks, came quickly, sorted out wasp problem without a fuss. Friendly and helpful.

      Laurence Brackpool Avatar Laurence Brackpool
      7th September 2020

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    C&D Pest Control offer comprehensive pest prevention services for your home and for your business. As well as traditional pest control methods, our full firearms licence means we can offer a shooting service to deal with wildlife problems. We also ensure that our pest control solutions are as environmentally friendly as possible.

    Vermin can damage your home and ruin your business. By tackling the problem quickly with our excellent and proven range of services, C&D Pest Control can minimise this damage, leaving your home or business clean and free of infestation.

    We offer a cover and retainer service, so you can always feel secure that for any future pest control needs, C&D Pest Control will be there to help you.

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